A Sleazy revival

We, three guys from Amsterdam, recently renewed Sleazybars.com!
This site is for sleazy bars worldwide. Imagine you wander around in an unknown place. And you search a drinking establishment late at night. Or your have a liking for dive bars. Go to sleazybars.com to aide your quest. Our dream would be fulfilled. So if you share this dream. Help us to mobilize all your friends! And start adding your favorite waterholes. Write a review or a story about this bar. Or comment on a bar already on the site.

Here’s what Yahoo pick of the day stated about the site in November 30th 2003:

“Listings and commentary for the sleaziest bars worldwide. List your favorite drinking establishment within.”

“When screenshotlooking to partake in an adult beverage at a local watering hole, a number of factors usually come into play — ambience, a friendly barkeep, and attractive members of the opposite sex, to name a few. But if those are your sole criteria, don’t darken the door of this site which aims to catalog the sleaziest bars from around the world. Currently representing bars in more than 20 countries, the list of dank dives keeps on growing. Each bar is also accompanied by a ribald and frank review appropriate only for the over-21 crowd that patronizes these sorts of establishments. Read about the extremely smoky 1881 Club in Pasadena, California; the dog friendly, cursin’ crowd at the Lawndale Drive-In in Greensboro, North Carolina; or the depraved denizens of the Thermae in Bangkok. Instead of a shiny, happy place where everybody knows your name, the bars on this site are the sort of places where the socially unacceptable can drink alone under only the barest of light. Raise a Pabst Blue Ribbon and celebrate the grimy fun.”

Sleazybars.com now contains 176 bars from 36 countries, and counting!

Have a sleazy good time!

Fabio, Pete, and Siem