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Added by: Fabio Knal
20 February 2011
am to pm

Berlins first club daily 24 houres open!

Placed underneath the S-bahn at Hackescher Markt, this looks like a real dive. It is said that the am to pm is a normal cafe during the day. It changes into a club as the pm progresses and the am begins to dawn. So the am to pm transforms itself two times a day.

It was definitely already AM on the second night of my two day bar trip to Berlin. I have started late. First dropped two large GTs down the drain. That perked me up! I even got slightly nervous going deep into the pit again. But the GTs made my feet get swept onto the road again.
I crossed Oranienburger strasse coming from the Oranienburger Tor going towards Hackescher Markt. Supposedly, Oranienburger strasse is one of the older red light areas of Berlin. Have not seen one red light though during my march. Once this has been the rough area. Now it has fallen to the touristy places that i have comed to loathe. Or better stated, never ever appreciated my entire life. The most interesting thing i saw on Oranienburger strasse, was a squatter place called Kunsthaus Tacheles. Some exhibition and gallery venue. Closer to the Hackescher Markt, some prostitutes were trying to get me in their appartement. They are apparently scattered on the streets.

Ok, back to the am to pm. I wanted to drop in, have a beer, and get a sense of the place. The bouncer kept me back: 5 euro entrance fee. For 5 years indeed the am to pm is open non-stop. The bar was reasonably loaded with people. Hesitant. I was only going to drink one beer here. Not really worth it to pay an extra 5 euro for that. Judging from the outside the patrons are a mixture of underground world figures, ex prostitutes, to anything else that gets sucked into the shower drain. The disco light put me off, and not in the least the music. No way you get me in here for the start of a bar night. Perhaps when i am desperate very early in the morning when the quest for booze is unsatisfied. Somehow, the am to pm has a similar vibe as San Francisco in Amsterdam has. But perhaps it is worse.

So for those of you Berlin residents that actually went in here a few times. It is due time you send us your review. Also of all the other 23/24 hour bars that are out there in Berlin. I put this bar up here on because i am sure it earns this distinction.

On this am Sunday, i was on a mission to find some other dives during my short stay in Berlin.

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S-Bahnhof Hackescher Markt, Am Zwirngraben 2
10178 Berlin

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