Black Watch

Added by: Dr. Harold Stone
11 December 2003
Black Watch

This nearly windowless neighborhood Scottish pub is located right in the heart of downtown Los Gatos and is considered by some to be the area’s best dive bar. The place is popular with its customers–from bikers to college students. Those who frequent the pub are invited to bring in their own pizza, burritos, sushi and other take-out food to satisfy any hunger pangs, and when it’s not crowded, they can even bring their dogs in to rest on the dark carpet. All of this adds to the atmosphere of this sleazy bar where the night owls don’t emerge until the sun goes down. Things can get loud, crowded and rowdy.

Dark, with warm red lighting casting a kind, flattering glow over its patrons, it has a long, rich wooden bar stretching down the length of the room where patrons can saunter up to order one of the Black Watch’s famous Kamikazes and booth seating for groups to hang out in. Shiny silver swords donated by a loyal customer are crossed over the fully stocked bar and add a certain Highlander charm to the themed pub. A shield in memory of the old Knights of the Black Watch gentlemen’s club hangs on the wall, a reminder of good times past. Established in 1959, the building’s been around since 1948.

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141 N Santa Cruz Ave
Los Gatos California
United States

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