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18 February 2011
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Brno is Czech Republic’s second largest city. However, there are not many things to do, except for going to the old castle of Spylberg and ofcourse get drunk in the one and only, number one sleazy bar of the world: Traubka.
You will locate the bar in a street where you can hardly imagine there’s anything at all. At number 8 you will see a big brown door. Yes, it really looks like there’s nothing there. You must now thump on the door, or even kick the door half in before someone will open it.
When you are in you will find yourself all the way back in time in the late eighties/eary nineties of Czech Republic. When the Communist times had just disappeared and created this political vacuum, which opened a lot of possibilities for progressive people. Through communist times bars tried to manifest thermselves in these kind of half secret ways. It’s dark, it’s full of smoke and full of typically long-haired drunk Czechs who can drink like you’ve never seen before.
It has a really raw feeling and you can even get Czech stinky cheese (also a lot more food, which you would never have expected.) next to your beer to make everyhting sleazier, and sleazier. Oh and did I forget to mention that their speciality is the 70% Absinth!

Here are some random reviews I found:

Once upon a time I was a fixture at Traubka. I love pissing in that sink looking urinal. The disemboweled piano on the ceiling is a nice touch. Pity the man/woman who needs to unload their bowels in one of those toilets. I’ve long said that anyone who has had the decided displeasure of taking a dump a Traubka should be awarded with a t-shirt attesting to the feat. Otherwise you can drink beer and smoke dope and no one will bother you, except for the odd junkie or two. Haven’t been there in years, maybe it’s time to go back…

ok – if you like smelling of stale cigarettes and urine.

If you’re coming to Brno, Traubka is a must!

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Traubova 8, Brno
Czech Republic

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