De Mazzeltof

Added by: Pete Seekers
28 March 2011

This is a bar you only pay a visit in case everything else is closed, and your beer muscle is calling steadily.

Just let us tell you about a night Pete and Fabio were on a mission (again). We tried to convince this bar girl of this standard no-fun-at all-Irish-bar O’Donnel’s around the corner to keep her bar open (and taught her how to serve an “amsterdammertje”) but she turned out to be a party-pooper. Fortunally, her colleague (let’s call him Dwight) showed more balls and escorted us to the place where you don’t want to be found dead: de Mazzeltof.

The Mazzeltof is dark, smoky and very unpleasant. Most of the time it’s better to avoid eye contact but you know how hard that is in this state of mind. Good things about the bar are the patrons, who are a mix of any social class or profession. If you are are not shy, you can talk to everyone here, even the criminals. And all is cool. The bad things of the bar are the small beers in lemonade glasses, and the extremely low life that enters here. And off course, the music sucks big hairy balls.

We threw some beer in Dwight till he started to talk. Turns out that the owner of O’Donnels lives across the square and has a telescope on his balcony to spy on his employees to check if they close down the terrace on time… Dwight apparently traumatized, was set back in life on the right track; of course with help of the sleazybars team. We are there to help, assist, or piss. Call anytime. In this case we called Chuck Norris to help solve Dwight’s little problem.

Eventually, there is nothing much to say about the Mazzeltof. Just a bar you enter because all other bars are closed in the neighborhood. Do not enter before 1:00

Touch base if you are in the area! (or otherwise call Chuck)

Pete and Fabio

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