The Galaxy Cabaret

Added by: Mike Goodliffe jnr.
18 March 2003

This sleazy establishment has dished out as many STD’s as it has drinks over the years.
I once had a friend mention he wanted to get a bulldozer and just start ramming it down in the middle of the night.When the police would arrive to arrest him,he was going to plead temporary insanity.

This sleazy establishment has paid off our local city council so as to be the only night club  licence(open till 2am as oppsed to 1am for a pub)in a many mile radius.The place has had several deaths on it’s treacherous ride back to town at the end of a few evenings.

It’s parking lot has probably seen more date-rape’s than a Serbian occupied Croatian village in the spring.The drinks are cheap ,watered down and the sewage system backs up into the club on a nightly basis.

The “DJ” refuses to play anything but 80’s hits whilst wearing acid washed jeans with the knees busted out and more hairspray than Ja Ja Gabor.Yes sir.Welcome to the Galaxy Cabaret in Duncan BC Canada.

A town famous for the fact that it had the largest booze sales in the country ,per capita,for more than a decade.”Drunkin Duncan”.
I still see the same folks in the Galaxy ,on the few rare occasions I have been dragged in there,that I saw in the place in 1984 when I first drank there,at the age of 14.Yes sireee! Doors open at 9, come on down!

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4790 Trans Canada Highway
Duncan, BC V9L4T8

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