The Walabeba 0 (0)

This place is recommended to us by our dear friend, Uncle Sam.

The Walabeba is located on the Awudome (street). The place is one of many in Accra, but since it is located in the home town of Sam, we post this one. It is open 24 hours. To enter you have to go through a gate, before you reach the compound. The Walabeba is owned by a lady. If she’s asleep you just wake her up and the bar is open. There is live music and of course you’ll have to drink the ‘kill me quick’ (Akpeteshi, the local drink made of roots and destilled palmwine).

If you ever go there let us know, and bring a bottle of Akpeteshi to Amsterdam!
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The Minds 0 (0)

In the center of Amsterdam you’ll find The Minds which is easily associated with the punk/squat scene.
The best thing about the Minds (apart from the athmosphere) is it’s closing time, although it always depends on the owner’s (“Dre”) mood. Be sure to be in on time because after official closing time the blinds close and you won’t make a chance.

They serve dutch beer named Budels which is best consumed from the bottle -not for the taste but it looks cooler and they serve draft in those small shitty glasses.

The Minds is famous for their live bands at Queens Day (30th april).
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De Diepte 0 (0)

Your nose is equipped for bars, if you find this one. And even than you sometimes have to thump the door to get in. If you do get in, you enter a world deep down below, with walls made of red and flames.
De Diepte stays open till late, and if you’re really lucky very early. The atmosphere is good, a bit low-life, alternative, but you always meet people to talk to. Drinks are not exceptionally cheap, but who cares as long as there are drinks!
Last sunday, they kicked me out of the place, late. I guess they see a lot of flies at the bar.
If you cannot find the place, no worries just e-mail us and we will show you; only costs a beer.