• The Elbo Room
  • Let me say this about that. A year or so ago, I wrote a series of blogs extolling the virtues of one of my favorite subjects – ‘Sleazy Bars’. Hanging out in a sleazy bar is like hands-on research for all the evils you hear about when you go to church. In fact, it is … Continue reading “The Elbo Room”

  • De Nachtzuster
  • The last time I visited this place it turned out that the name was changed to the owner’s name but I forgot his name 😉

    Not really important cause it’s still the same old dark, smokey shithole you’re looking for after hours.

    The atmosphere really depends on what night you come in, could be lost drunk students, or coke sniffing criminals having a party.

  • De Doofpot
  • Since ages the closing times of bars in amsterdam are a complete disaster. This is a problem for me as a part-time bartender because I like to sit down and have a nice drink in a bar after a long night of work. Or tell my clientele where to go when I have to sweep … Continue reading “De Doofpot”

  • Feuermelder
  • Slightly after 3:00 am i stood in front of the Feuermelder. Attached to the door is a sign stating geoffnet: Ma-Sa ab 15:00, Sontag ab 13:00. Is this a joke? Or is there a thruth to it. Intrigued, i opened the sequential doors and entered. All patrons turned around instantly and stared at me. Determined, … Continue reading “Feuermelder”

  • am to pm
  • am to pm

    Berlins first club daily 24 houres open! Placed underneath the S-bahn at Hackescher Markt, this looks like a real dive. It is said that the am to pm is a normal cafe during the day. It changes into a club as the pm progresses and the am begins to dawn. So the am to pm … Continue reading “am to pm”