The Board of Trade

Board of Trade Saloon

This place was established during the gold rush and in the 70's & 80's the bathrooms looked (& smelled) like they could have been the originals.

In the late 1970's the bars in Nome stayed open 24/7 and the BOT almost always had a few overly refreshed patrons sleeping at the tables in the front of the saloon.
The house band in those days (I think they were "The BOT Band") had the worst sound system, etc which was all moot because the only thing the patrons needed was the back beat for scootin' around on the floor.

I don't recall too many details about the actual experience (for obvious reasons) but my favorite story about living near it was that in the early am you would just subconsciously NOT walk on the same side of the street that it was on due to both the stench and the physical signs of the previoius night's revelry.

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