• 2 way inn
  • 2 way inn

    The oldest standing bar in Detroit, it survived riots and the collapse of MoTown, plus an endless stream of bar fights The 2 Way has also doubled as a store, a jail, a brothel, and a dance hall. Now, it stands as the Motor City’s ultimate dive, with a bar as old as the building … Continue reading “2 way inn”

  • Windsor hotel
  • The Windsor can have a sketchy crowd but it often has excellent bands. Watch out for a band that you might enjoy. It’s the kind of place that white people only enter if they are a group of brave or cazy, already-drunk, roided-up, college bros on a dare. The place is physically in such an … Continue reading “Windsor hotel”

  • Five Star Bar
  • Five Star has been serving cheap beers on Main Street in Downtown LA for decades. Downtown’s recent “revitalization” has altered the bar’s working class demographic but regulars still nurse their $2 domestics while local bands play on the stage in the back. The last time I was there the bartender wasn’t, so one of the … Continue reading “Five Star Bar”

  • Smog Cutter
  • Patrons getting crazy at Smog Cutter:the_toe_stubber. If you’re a huge fan of belligerent Thai women screaming into karaoke machines then Smog Cutter is the place for you. Charles Bukowski used to drink at this auto-body repair shop converted into a boozy living museum. Busloads of thrill-seeking local tourists show up to revel in the grime … Continue reading “Smog Cutter”

  • De Mazzeltof
  • mazzeltof

    This is a bar you only pay a visit in case everything else is closed, and your beer muscle is calling steadily. Just let us tell you about a night Pete and Fabio were on a mission (again). We tried to convince this bar girl of this standard no-fun-at all-Irish-bar O’Donnel’s around the corner to … Continue reading “De Mazzeltof”