FunHog Ranch

Upon entering the FunHog Ranch, you become aware in a matter of seconds that the owners are from Iowa. This is a good thing. If only for the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich.

The FunHog sits between the Las Vegas Strip to the west, and the "Hood" directly to the east. Status means nothing once inside. You could be a boss on the strip, but you are just a "Hog" within those four walls. There is no black, white, brown, or yellow skin. There is no straight or gay. Just "Hog".

Business owners, Dr's, Lawyers, crack whores, street bums, secretaries, dancers, constuction, coaches, politico's. Just "Hog".

Draft beer (Mich) is a dollar for 16 oz. Twofer Tuesday is another reason to pop in and become a "Hog". If you can't find a "Hog" or "Hoggette" to talk to, there are eight televisions or a rock'in juke box and Video poker to keep you entertained. So when in Las Vegas make time for the FunHog Ranch 495 E. Twain LV, Nv 702-791-7001

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