The Cove Lounge


Located near the campus of the University of Chicago, in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, The Cove is often filled with the same collection of human pickles from the neighborhood. Proximity to the University does create concerns about fake ID's, so be sure you're ready to flash the plastic.

Students tend to congregate on long benches in the second room, necking and fighting in the darker corners. Regulars often bring their lethargic dogs to sit alongside their master's favorite designated perch at the bar.

The washrooms can vary from clean and neat early in the evening to sticky with "I don't want to know" by the end of the night.

Hang out here long enough, and you'll have gone home with enough of the regulars that it's no longer embarrassing, it's just a second living room.

Oh, and they do package liquors so you can stay greased with your "end of the evening" conquest/compromise.

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