De Ster

Be prepared for some loud music before entering this place as it's official subtitle is 'Home Of Metal History'. You can hear anything from Manowar to Mayhem and from Rammstein to Morbid Angel. Run by Johnny and his wife Mieke this place is one of the best hangouts in Holland. It opens between 22:00 and 23:00 at night and it closes at about 04:00 am on regular days but on friday and especially saturday it doesn't close until Johnny's bored. And he doesn't get bored quick when there's drunk people to talk to!

The beer is fairly cheap compared to the surrounding bars in the centre of Groningen. Order bottles though!

Early in the evening it's nice and quiet but the later it gets, the louder it gets. And busier. Because it's open till early in the morning you can expect some sleazy people to enter at the time other bars close.

At the end of busy nights (usually early in the morning) there's a slight chance of getting kicked out for no apparant reason but hey, life sucks!

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The metal spirit

The metal spirit of De Ster apparently lingers on in the Benzine Bar.


Unfortunaly De Ster closed on friday September 10th 2010. Read here:


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