Ex & POP

Ex n Pop

The history of Ex & Pop ist a hystory of continuity in a world of changes. The true successor of the in the early "Risiko", one of the few get-stoned-high- drunk-dropout-and-pay-the-other-day-punk -bars in West Berlin.
After two moves all in the schoeneberg area, still a "collective" ( only god nows hu dus pay), they moved into the former KOB on Potsdamer Str.
The area around you can call a "mini inner city light", but the hustlers hookers punters junkies are on the decline, there will be a renaicance of the whole aerea in the upcomming future.

But till then: the liver-yell continues

!!Live Acts!!

best boozer in the west part of berlin

It's truly very hard to detect. A true speak easy type of bar.Even if the place is in full swing, you can't see it from the street. No sign, no light, nothing. Just walk into the dark hole in the wall and open the door.

drinks are cheap

whatch your babe, it has lions in there. I was a full moon night, we had a couple of excellent joints, best mary jane in years.

The served Beck's and russian Vodka in sufficent quantities

we danced and smoked and danced and drank and smoked more. Forgot the time.Sun was up when we entered the real world again.

Ex 'n' Pop is its own cosmos. Take care, not to get lost.

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