Frederick's Music Lounge

Frederick's Music Lounge

Smoky, cozy, cheap, basement tavern with plenty of dirty lingerie (and socks) hanging from the rafters.
Ladies room is over by the tree near the cigarette machine. Quality live music five nights a week. I go there every night. Help me.

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" Sorry kids, the Lounge

" Sorry kids, the Lounge is closed.
Our last show was February 11, 2006.
Keep in touch - Find out what happens next.
Sign up for Frederick's Yahoo email list."

Looking for something to do on Thursdays
now that Frederick's Noiseday Hootenanny is gone?

You are cordially invited to attend
the weekly congregational meeting of
"The Chippewa Chapel Traveling Guitar Circle, Medicine Show, Open Mic & Musicans Networking Night"
St. Louis' Very Best Open Mic. Night


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