The Glass Slipper


Long long time ago you had the so-called Combat Zone in Boston's chinatown.
Somehow it did not all get zapped by
prurient city administrators who may have been among the
patrons at this it-s-all-in-your-face-naked-ballerinas joint.
The Glass Slipper was spotted on a side alley on a very
rainy night. The room is long and narrow and as you enter from
the side you will be surprised by the glorious vistas awaiting just around the corner. We particularly liked the no-cover-charge, no-id, no-question-asked door policy that conveniently cut the foreplay short and gave our quivering senses an eyefull.

Yet it did not all come so cheap. Beers are 10 bucks (unless you actually think is cool to drink bud-lite at a strip joint). When we tried talking one of the ladies into selling us some of her underwear we were asked 30 bucks (for her colorful drink) plus
an additional 10 bucks a piece (for one of her thongs)

Once you start tipping a stripper, you and your company should
all huddle on one side of the bar, so as to maximize exposure. True some of the acts were so physically demanding it felt like the People's Republic National Circus from china for a while. But
at times the dancer will smack her butt loudly to remind you that
hey, " you haven't seen it this close since you were born".

Among the patrons we spotted what could have been a nazi-militia unit: short hair, black shirts, black ties, golden eagles and shit. But as true gentlemen we are, we questioned no one of the other club members. Actually I found the bored looks
of a couple of "girlfriend-boyfriend" situations more dis-hartening.

The show was intense, one act after another and no more than 30 secs to start seeing some stuff. The dancers were all quite
beautiful indeed. However it all drew to an end quickly (must have been around 3 am) and we had no time to check their food (if any). And, nice, after the bar closed we got our thong at the price we tried to negotiate earlier (20 $).

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