Het Masker

Opens everyday around midnight and already closes again at about three hours later. In the meanwhile, this is the place to meet everything that's low-life in Amsterdam. From worn-out hookers till massively agressive drugdealers, from drewling alcoholist till students so full of them selfs they 're puking on their own shoes (and, if you're lucky, on yours. Lucky? Yep, cause there's your reason.)

Drinks are expensive, but the new owner is mostly so drunk, you will find a way around this. What helps is ordering nine different drinks and then change the order at least six times. He'll be lost at the third and crying at the fifth. The sixth time is just for the bewildered look in his eyes. A sight so unique, it should be mentioned in every tourist-guide about Amsterdam. Better leave you're girlfriend home, there are plenty of old bags to go around and, like I said, drinks are not cheap. But if you want to be deprived of your money, good temper and anything resembling moral standards, this is your place to go.

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This place has a new owner and name (La Mascara), probably less sleazy but feel free to try it out and let us know!


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