In my opinion IMO is definitely the sleaziest in the northwestern part of italy. On the outside it appears to
be a cheap wine retailer on a dark, non-descriptive square
in a degraded part of town, locked inside a grid of popular housing, a smelly river, a porno-theater.

Au contraire, IMO is open til late nights (sometimes) and the atmosphere is genuine. The drinks are extraordinarily cheap, service is "as is", meaning that ima (the owner's, imo, wife) will stare at you and mechanichally reach for
whatever you were drinking last. No point in asking as she appareantly will not understand and imo himself is too busy playing a game of "scopone".
Last time I checked a glass of wine was still under 20 euro cents and the collection of rare sub-brand liquors was
still intact.

On week nights you'll find veteran heroin junkies and old men playing cards. On weekends you'll find the same people, with the added feature that now they'll have drank some more and fights will inevitably start, with the occasional knife and early close out.

There is little room to sit so people end up being on the sidewalks. Do not attempt to make your way into the "toilet" and be prepared to piss in the street like all the rest.

The place is good also if you are looking for that bargain "new" car stereo but - despite all appearances - do not expect to make any new friends. The rating has dropped has it has now become triendier among nearby college students on fridays. Open starting 10 am, also on xmas and new years eve.

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