The Sandy Jug

The Sandy Jug

Sort of explains why they recently outlawed masturbation shows. The women are as sleazy as the beer is flat. Located conveniently next door to the local Harley-Davidson dealership.

The Sandy Jug gets its name from the appearence of the club as a large earthenware jug, not unlike the stereotypical hillbilly moonshine jug. But the delights don't end there, no siree! Just a casual step inside the dimly lit and stank ambience and you will find that this fine gentleman's club sports the clientele as well as the on- and off-stage entertainment a purveyor of questionable establishments would not only seek, but necessarily demand. Make sure your stash is well hid and have fake ID handy for the social calls (some call them "shakedowns") that your local friendly peace officers frequently provide. It's nice to see your tax dollar hard at work at the Sandy Jug! (only 2 miles from pdx)

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Some History

Check out some history of the Sandy Jug or Pirates Cove:


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