The Space Room


Alas, the fine old days of elderly chain smokers drinking vodka mixed with milk are gone at The Space Room. However, while the crowd has changed to hipster\frat boy\pseudo alcoholic (which, in my opinion makes it even sleazier) the decor, ambiance and overall ooze have not changed.

The Space Room is the lounge for a very bad restaurant called the Brite Spot. Doesn't matter, no one ever eats there. Everyone comes for the booze. Strong drinks served in an early 60's Sputnik theme with lots of planetary garnish and nifty UFO shaped light fixtures. The bartenders put various glasses of tonic on the back bar, and they all glow an eerie purple under the many black lights. It makes you wonder if your innards would glow like that after your 4 G'n'T's. The vinyl booths and chairs are only barely surviving the constant picking of the clientele.

You pretty much have to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes just to control your smoke intake, and be prepared to just throw away all your clothes and shave your head afterwards or live with a constant smoky, barfy, alcholic bar funk.

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