Splash Number 3

This is you typical ice house, with a few extra features!
The place is nasty, unsanitary, no heat or ac, pending on weather conditions, the owner's personality is suitable to and excerpt in a gangster movie and the bar maids sell the cheapest brands of bar liquor and make you think you're getting premium. At least the price tells you this. The glasses are not washed and sterilized according to health rules, and I know that I myself as well as others, have gotten ill from an night out at Splash 3 in the wonderful city of Bacliff Texas.

Fights break out in this place nearly every weekend and drug sales run rampant. What a way to earn commissions. Do not sit on the toilets, instead stand up on the seat and squat down just enough to ring the bowl, as you never know what might be crawling around or hiding in the thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, if this is the atmosphere your looking for and the people you want to be around, then come on down to Bacliff, Texas and hit Grand Ave at hwy 646. If you are heading south on 146, turn left at the light where 646 crosses 146 and Splash 3 is on the right just a piece down the road. If you are heading North on 146, turn right at the light where 646 crosses 146 and Splash 3 is just a piece down the road on the right. Enjoy your visit, but keep your head down and watch the barmaid.

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