Stone Lion Tavern

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The Stone Lion is by far one of the best dive bars I've ever expeienced. Almost literally a hole in the wall, the bar, jukebox and 2 or 3 round tables take up almost the entire bottom floor. Luckily, there's an outdoor section and an upstairs, which is where you'll find the restrooms, dartboards, a second jukebox and the terrace. The restrooms are an experience in and of themselves. Not quite as scary as you'd expect toilets in a dive bar to be, but there's still good graffiti. From the terrace you can see the rest of downtown Chattanooga, including the Tennessee Aquarium. The jukebox has everything you could possibly want in bar music from punk and 80s rock and metal to country. They even have the Dropkick Murphies. The beer selection is pretty good too. They only have about 10 on draft, but that includes a few microbrews including some regionals. The bottle selection is better and it probably the first time I've seen Lindeman's Krief and Framboise in a dive bar. They've also got stuff like Samuel Smith and a good number of imports and micros in addition to the typical American Standards. I love this bar.

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