The Yale

The Yale

There are a lot of "Blues" Bars around the world, but the creepiest, dankest, most-ready-for-demolition and, therefor, one of the best is the old Yale bar in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This dimly lit brick building would surely become a mass grave in the event of the predicted "Big One" earthquake that experts say is due any time now, and the musicians try their best to emulate said big one with the shear volume of their playing. You can walk in perfectly capable of hearing birds sing, and leave with as much audible ability as a granite boulder. The compensation for this is the fact that these guys not only play LOUD, they also play exceedingly well.

Any fan of the blues can tell you that truly rank, beer soaked dives are where the blues comes from, and you can hear players in this dump who can churn out Jimi Hendix "Experiened" better than Jimi could do it himself, then turn around and lay on a Robert Johnson or T-Bone Walker tune that could break your heart.
Don't wear your best shoes. Do wear ear plugs. And, as someone should have warned Robert Johnson, watch your back.

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